Евровидение-Беларусь Eurovision-Belarus

Евровидение-Беларусь поддерживает на национальном Белорусском отборе к конкурсу Евровидение 2005
группу "Новый Иерусалим" с песней "Мелодия любви"
Eurovision-Belarus project supports
"Novi Ierusalim" (New Jerusalem) band with "Melodia lyubvi" (Melody of love)

Extracts from the interview of the band to Baltic Religious Portal

-The song we're entering National Preselection with, "Melody of love" is absolutely new, even final variant doesn't exist right now. So it is in the process of making really, we think that Elshad (percussionist) wrote even better English version of it, but something still need to be changed in arrangement. Critics, DJs met our entry very good and we think we're having fairly good chances of winning preselection. If, of course, our song will not be voted out, by the decision of authorities, because of our ideology.

- We're not the first Christ singers trying to enter Eurovision. As far as we know Carola from "Word of Life" church already was active Christian when she participated in this contest. In Ukraine number of Christ rock bands entered national preselection. One of them is in the final already.

- We're trying to follow European and American standarts of quality, because we are looking forward world market. Starting from arrangements of the songs and finishing with design of our CDs. We're trying to speak words that can be understand by everyone, not using church language for example. We're bringing images and listener can draw his conclusions out of them. We are also very precise in PR relations, we're open for every source.

- We had very difficult times in the past, when we had no money, even nothing to eat. But we didn't run out of the country. We coped with all difficulties, and now our albums are bestsellers in Belarus. But still I remember difficulties, as when we were not allowed to participate in Slavyanski Bazar festival, because of mentioning of Jesus in lyrics. Organizers suggested us to change lyrics slightly, they gave us studio for free for this purpose but we rejected it. As Igor says - if we will remove Jesus from our music - nothing will be left.

- Main principle that helped us to stay together for 12 years is to love God and to love all people. To beleive in God and to believe in mankind. We have a common dream and we're working to fulfil our aims.

- We're now also entering joint projects with other musiciant. We sang duet with Iskue Abalyan. Now we are invited to Christmas TV show where Belarus singers will sing international hits. We will perform Every breath you take by Sting. We will be also hosts and frontmen of the Christmas concert on Christmas night. We will perform 5 songs and then will host the show. All Belarus stars are also invited to the project.

- We had European tour to Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands. Mostly that were performances for Evangelic churches. Last tour we had 18 concerts. We also had US tour, we performed in Atlanta, Charlotte, New York, other cities. We performed for different audiences. For the first time it was difficult for us, as we're used to perform to the audience from charizmatic churches which is very active throughout the show - they sing, dance etc. And this audiences were pretty silent during the show, but were carefully listening. We thought it was total failure, but then we discover that after the show all CDs in our stock were sold out and we understand - if people pay for the music - they enjou it. That is no difference are people emotional or not, they understand our message - and we're happy with it.

- It is very difficult to promote albums, because everywhere in ex-USSR pirate recordings are on the top. We have to explain to the people that music is also private, it is copyrighted. Copyright is not something invented in Capitalist countries - that is invention of the God. God owns everything and he passes rights to different people. Because of such attitude we don't have any good bands, they can not make money of their music, and they don't have enough money to continue their songwriting. Now we're making our special organization New Jerusalem which will have special copyright service, because for us it is very difficult to record new albums, give concerts, tours, be radio and TV guests and also to make marketing ourselves.

- New Jerusalem is ideal city in Heaven as Bible describes. And we're trying to get at least some features of it to the Earth, so there would be no ilnesses, no betrayals, no tears, no poverty. We're trying to enter this principles in our music.

Full interview in Russian available here