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Anzhelika Agurbash wants to bring Eurovision to Minsk
Belorusskie Novosti
- We are counting time left till the contest not by hours, but by minutes, and there is still a lot to be done.
Timeschedule of preparation looks like this: Next month will be spend on new arrangement to the song and shooting of video. On March and April Anzhelika schedules promotional tour and she will arrive to Kiev on 12th of May.
On 13th of February Anzhelika is heading to London, where on famous Abbey Road studio new variant of Boys and Girls will be recorded. Idea of the video is also known, as this is social song, about children and their protection - children will become main heroes of the video. Shooting will be done in 4 counties which recently were places of conflict, including Bosnia, and Anzhelika's role will be filmed in London.
Famous Italian designer Roberto Kavalli is preparing dress for Anzhelika. Famous Belarus designers will be helping her, as Ivan Aiplatov, Natalia Sardarova, Inna & Katerina Bulgakova.
Agurbash will be accompanied in Kiev by group of 100 fans.
Anzhelika mentioned that she is happy that her husband is taking care of all organizational questions, and she can practice fitness, vocal and design image. Nikolay Agurbash took holiday from his main job in Moscow food factory till June 1st.
Anzhelika will practice vocal with Vladimir Korobko, who worked with participants of Russian show Stars Factory. On 7th of February she signed contract with Grammophone records to issue her CD "Pravila lyubvi". Now Anzhelica is preparing her Belarus album.
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Anzhelica oversang Tamelo and Smolova
KP in Belarus
Sergei Malinovski
During last 2 month Jury was meeting 3 times to finally select from three singers best one to represent Belarus at the Eurovision. Finally on the evening of 31st of January dozen of officials and musiciants decided to sent Angelica Agurbash. She won absolute majority of the jury votes. That was surprising, as we thought jury will be changing to support Smolova.
But it appeared that Smolova gave the worst performance of all 3, and Lika, being angry that she was warned just one day before jury meeting that she should arrive to the Minsk gave the best performance.
Manager of Angelica Olga Smolyak said "So we have won in Belarus, and the rest is not that difficult... ", "She was singing differently as she was ill during national final, and her health was not good after birth of her child half a year ago.

Short interview with producer and husband of Angelica Nikolay Agurbash:
- Was decisive point that you made friends with Vasily Rainchik? You were seen together.
- No, of course not. We were discussing inclusion of 2 Vasily's songs to the new album "Belorussian" of Angelica where she performs 12 Belarus songs.
- So you will be changing everything in the entry?
- Yes, it already has new arrangemet made by popular Sergei Chelobanov. Song became completely different from what you and jury have heard, it became so powerful and expressive that it can knock you down. But it is not yet decided still whether we will go with this song. We will be making new arrangements in UK. And testing text in UK and US.
- And are there remarks?
- Well, there were some negative ones... More from UK, and about pronounciation. And we already know how the song was accepted in Europe.
- How you've celebrated your win?
- We were in sauna when we received call from Minsk. So we dropped to the bath and drunk couple of bottles of champaign. And I should say I was more lucky than Anzhelica that night as I slept with participant of Eurovision Song Contest...
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Finalist is not selected yet
KP in Belarus
Sergei Malinovskiy
After listening to three entries for Eurovision member of Jury Vasiliy Rainchik announced that final decision is delayed till Monday.
On Thursday in the Estrada Theater singers, their relatives and supporters were gathered. Three belarusian finalists - Polina Smolova, Angelika Agurbash and Natalia Tamelo were invited to show live presentation of their song to the Jury. However, there was nothing significantly new in the perfomrpances. Polina Smolova has appeared on the scene in the new fluffy dress, looking like Snow Maiden. Angelica Agurbash was in the same silver gladiator suit.
"Smolova at least has a voice... But Angelica brings more energy in her performance" - viewers were discussing.
Smolova decided not to stay with jury waiting for decision and returned to the other public, where her supporters and her father were present. "Ah, don't worry, my performance was the best anyway", she laughed and went to give some food to her "children" as she called 16-17 year old dancers. She prepared sandwiches, mandarines and candies for them.
No sensation happened. After short meeting of Jury Vasiliy Rainchik made step to the hall and declared that finalist is not yet chosen, as now judges decided to see how all performances will look on the big screen. So the results are expected on Monday.
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Rainchik to Eurovision again?
KP in Belarus
Olga Ulevich
It appeared that earlier precontest favourite Angelica Agurbash may well be beaten by other candidates who are now using all their producers and ties inside the Jury.

Angelica Agurbash was warned that she should perform at the Jury selection live only 2 days ago. She have rushed to airport with her husband and producer, and with her sounddesigner. But her backing vocalists were on different tour and could arrive to Minsk only 2 hours before the selection started.

It definetely looks that Polina Smolova can be new jury favourite, as she is protegee of one of Jury members Vasily Rainchik (who is believed to be offended by Agurbash when she left Verasy band also produced by him number of years ago).

Also Natalia Tamelo shouldn't be dropped. As Jury may split between all candidates, voice of Chief Juror will be decisive, and Mikhail Finberg is leading the orchestra Natalia performs in.

Mikhail Finberg says:
None of this song is fitting format of Eurovision I think. Eurovision is not simple contest, this is whole philosophy, which should be understood. And from this point of view we should not go at all, as all of the entries in final are suitable for this contest. Though I quite like performers themselves. So I will judge only by live performance today.

Polina Smolova:
My song is having new dance arrangement, we increased tempo and added live instruments. So it resulted basicly in a very different outcome - more European one. Choreography will be more harsh. Ministry of culture gave us money, so we prepared nice costumes. I'm ready for the final hurdle.

Natalia Tamelo:
We changed arrangement, added 2 guitars: accoustic and rock ones, new drums. I think now song is more suitable for big halls. We prepared designs of costumes, but have not them ready yet. After the decision we with orchestra and Mikhail Finberg are leaving for Mozyr where we will have 6 concerts.

Angelica Agurbash:
We are changing absolutely everything. But we will not show final variant today. We will prepare it only in case of my win. There is already studio and team of professionals booked in England. There are new variants of arrangement, and we even prepare different songs. I think I will be able to change even song totally in case of my win as deadline for details submission is in March. I'm completely confident in my win, as I have all what is necessary for success.
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Why we will loose again at Eurovision?

28.12.2004 KP in Belarus
Sergei Malinovskiy
It is not the news for anyone that Angelica Agurbash is now in the final of National Preselection for Eurovision Song Contest. We are surprised by different thing: with her financial abilities and wish to win she has selected very poor song. "Boys and Girls" can not be made hit-single even if it will be daily rotated non stop at all radiostations of the country. Other finalists are Polina Smolova and Natalia Tamelo.

When the show was finsished National TV employees started discussing other - very different result of televoting - this version gives us names of Gunesh Abasova, New Jerusalim and Alexandra Gaiduk as real finalists. Their was also very interesting moment - Angelica Agurbash has presented flowers to Gunesh Abasova and told her that she really was the best in the show.

Speaking about other participants. We have never seen such a poor concert on BTRC. We though that only the best should participate in qualification to the international event. But most of the participants of national selection were almost unknown to the public. Why our stars are refusing to participate in the contest? They usually give two reasons - nobody believe in the "clear" televoting procedure, and nobody believe in professionalism of the team that is behind preparations to Eurovision Song Contest.

What should be the best possible way then? It is clear - no open National Preselection - best singer of the year with the best charts position and popularity should be selected. This can also be Ruslan Alehno and Natalia Podolskaya - participants of Russian reality shows People's artist and Stars Factory. And for now we still will be searching name of our country at the bottom of the Eurovision scorecard.

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Singer Angelica Agurbash is participating in the Eurovision Song Contest with peace anthem to change world to the better.

БЕЛТА - Белорусское Телеграфное Агенство
Angelica Agurbash is participating at National preselection to the Eurovision song contest with the composition "Boys and Girls" with which she adresses to the adults with wish to change the world: to stop violence and to prevent cruelty. Song is written in English by Alexandr Shkuratov. "I will not perform this song as a warrior who is looking for the win for whatever price, but as peace bringer, representative of peaceful and calm country - Belarus" says the performer.
Now video for the song is under preparation, and possibly it will be produced by clipmaker Vladimir Yankovskiy. There are already agreements with European arrangers and producers, well known in the world music industry. Now 2 month UK tour is planned to improve English language of the singer. Pan-European tour with promotion of the song is planned afterwards. Angelica says: We will take everything possible from the Belarus, and what can be not found herу - we will take from Europe.
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Get a draw for the Eurovision
23.12.2004 KP in Belarus
Corriana will have brutal appearance. "I can not even explain what this is like - is it skirt or is it trousers? I also was thinking to get more chains, but I think viewers can get afraid of me then, so I will use in my costume of dark chocolate colour a lot of knots instead.
Gunesh Abasova will be dressed in 60th style with african plaits in her hairstyle. 2 boys in tail-coats and tore shoes and girl dressed as hippy will accompany the show.
Polina Smolova herself invented the costume of steel colour.
Alexandra Gaiduk will appear in handmade dress of silver colour prepared in Moscow. There one thread is more expencive than all my costume last year - she says.
Angelica Agurbash will not yet present the costume she is preparing for the Kiev.
- I have different variants, and I will decide depending on the studio which one I will prefer. At the Kiev Eurovision I'm planning to have costume close to national dress of the princess Efrosinia Podolskaya but with some modern elements.
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"New Jerusalem" is planning to get to the top 10 at Eurovision.

03.11.2004 Belorussian news

— Is it true that the song "Melody of love" which will be performed at the concert was written specially for Eurovision Song Contest?

Alexandr Patlis: — Yes, we were writing song specially for this event, we studied format of the contest, and decided to make it more pop song. Song itself is rather interesting, I hope. Vadim Kalatsey - our keyboard player has prepared as I think very good lyrics. There are now couple of versions of the song. One is in eurodisco style and the other is in our own style. I think we will perform the second one as we want to be easily identified by our manner and to stay ourselves. English version is under preparation right now with the help of our American friends.

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There is noone good to be send to Eurovision from Belarus?
02.11.2004 KP in Belarus
It is heavily rumoured that Angelica Agurbash already got ticket to Kiev, and Lika herself has no doubts in it. In her all intervies she says that she is the one for the contest: "I'm sure that God not only gave me voice and talent, but gave to me special mission"
So there are reasongable doubt - whether we need to spend money on organization of expensive national final - when the winner is already decided? Why not to use possibility of Internal selection? And then we will have no doubts in the result of the national televoting as we had last year.
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Ilya Mitko will not sing at Eurovision
02.11.2004 KP in Belarus
The most smart - Via Harly - they have entered Ukranian national preselection as they are looking now for the abroad promotion.
The most unclever is leader of Leprikonsy - Ilya Mitko. Having excellent idea of the song made of school English text book he was 2 days late to submit his application.
The most possible candidate is Angelica Agurbash - and there is no surprise in it as Ukranian Ruslana proved talent is not enough - money can also help to get good promotion, so as national TV can not sponsor international promotion of the entry - they decided to find singer with good financial abilities.
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Who has submitted application to Eurovision?

20.11.2004 KP in Belarus
Winner of the Slavyanski Bazar Petr Elfimov will not participate this time, but he hopes to get chance next year.
Alexandr Soloduha told that with his heavy tour grafic he has no time for Eurovision preparation.
Atlantica band also decided not to run as this concert is not their format.
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Gunesh Abasova - vocalist of Krambambulya Band is going to participate in Eurovision preselection.

03.11.04 Belorussian news

Gunesh Abasova had submitted her entry to the national Preselection for the Eurovision. Ger song "Call My Name" was written by the popular songwriter Sergei Sukhomlin. Song was originally written in Russian but with help of her friends Gunesh managed to prepare English variant in time.
"My friend who studies at linguistic department has sang chorus in English as soon as she saw the russian variant, and I asked her to translate the whole text - and she completed it in an hour" - tell singer with Azeirbaijan roots born in Belarus - "Next day I told Sergei about it and we decide to enter the contest. I think that the result is not simply good - it is Super! "

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Leprikonsy are preparing their Eurovision entry

29.09.04 Musical newspaper

Well known rock band Leprikonsy decided to submit application to Belarus Preselection event.
Band is known for it's humorous lyrics and unusual behaviour but they take the chance to participate in ESC very seriously. As Ilya Mitko, leader of the group stated this was his big dream to take part in ESC and now when Belarus is also participating in the event he can not miss this chance. He says it's very pity that they have not prepared application enough for 2004 event but surely will be in for 2005 event.
Lyrics of the song will be made of school topics that are studied at English lessons. So starting with "I get up at seven o’clock & do my morning exersizes" then it will turn to "shopping", "London", "My hobby" and "my favourite season of the year".
We're good friends with Ruslana and we will ask here for her secrets of success, stated Ilya.
Band Leprikonsy is very popular in Ukraine and Russia and will be looking for maximum points from this countries in case of qualifying into final.
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