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Aleksandra and Konstantin will be having tattoos. "Komsomolskaya pravda in Belarus"
Sergey Malonovski
Design and preparation of contest costumes is done by young but already well-known Minsk designer Ivan Aiplatov. All fabrics for the costumes he selected in the shops together with Aleksandra and Konstantin. Some elements were created during this selection. They were buying fabrics for Konstanting with big holes, and Ivan got an idea to create one regular sleeve and the second one like glove.
Only most quality fabrics were selected, they costed about 800 thousand rubles. A lot of jean cloth and silk. Some elements of viscose and some hand made. It was decided that Alexandra will have two different costumes and final one will be selected later.
- On jeans I will make special tattoo, this is ethnic stile, and my specific mark - Aiplatov says.
Another folk person will be present on stage playing on clay instruments. It was decided that he will seat on special metal sphere.
"Belarus - 12 points!"
"Znamya yunosti"

Liliya Kamlyuk
Belarus - 12 points! will be title of supporting concert which will be held on 27th of April. As we were told by producer of BTRC Sergei Kuhto most popular bands and artists will participate in it - "Syabry", Aleksand Tihanovich and Yadviga Poplavskaya, Vasily Rainchik, Viktoria Aleshka, Inna Afanasieva, Aleksandr Soloduha, Irina Dorofeeva, Olya Satsyuk, and for sure Belarus representatives - heroes of the night - Aleksandra and Konstantin.   
EKSPRESS-NEWS, 14, 2-8.04.04. We're rehearsaling for the second week with back-vocals. Now we found people who will accompany us on the stage. We're rehearsaling every day for one month now.
We were thinking for a long time who should be our backing vocalists? Some people from frontcovers? Or real musiciants? Finally we've decided that they should be professional vocalists and we've invited 2 members of Pesnyary band Petr Elfimov and Vyacheslav Sharapov. We think that backing vocals are 30% of the song.

- Tell us about your video?
- Well, we've got in crush on Monday, and on Tuesday being sick and lame we went to see costumes. Real knights order of the Northern Temple gave us their costumes and armours. Konstantin was given real sword, blessed in Jerusalem. Everything is real symbols of this Order.
Next day we went to the shooting. For the whole day we were walking on snow with cameras. Idea was that we should walk and talk about something high, stars for example. Really we were taking about finishing balance of our cell-phone... That was very funny.
Soon we were tired and rested. Then knights arrived and they were making tournir for Alexandra. There were number of scenes, and it was very pity to see same boy jumping for 15 times to the same puddle. This was very funny when one of the knights had to read to Aleksandra his poems, but instead he was telling frightening stories, that was very joyful.


, ""

This will be European costumes with a bit of folk motives, cause they should look nice at pop scene - says image maker of performers Ivan Aiplatov. National motives will be in weaving of materials, in knots. So there will be no national styles like of Pesnyary or Syabry. But we will not repeat situation with Julia Savicheva, who at WorldBest contest performed in t-shirt.

There is hot in Turkey, costumes will be of cotton and silk. Now we are discussing colour scheme. Aleksandra will wear skirt. We're still thinking about footwear. It is sure that Konstantin will be in jeans, with different effects. Aleksandra will have image of Slavic girl.

Little film about "My Galileo"
People's newspaper,

April 3rd, 2004
Tatiana Ahremchik
It is impossible to describe what should be feeled. Surely, there is no concrete history and concrete location, for example year X, village Y. Only Feelings. - tells Vladimir Maksimkov - Who are main heroes? Aleksandra is queen of fields, the Joy herself, travelling throught the whole world.
- So she represents everything bright that can be in woman?
- Silent woman! - Vladimir is smiling - there is no syncronization in the video. And Konstanting is her guarding angel, or may be, older brother. They are travelling and giving bright light to the whole world. They came to our inn and there is holiday. Every one here participates in tournir for the queen. And then guests leave though they leave with people something joyful, kind, warm.
- Why middle age picture was selected for the video?
- Actually it makes no difference either it is Middle Ages of modern days. This is song about humanity. But Middle Ages are more picturesque, colourful costumes, buildings. Surely we were thinking that video should impress Europe. In every country of the world such a video costs a lot of money. Only we can on enthusiasm, because of the love to our country can organize real tournir, with real costumes, real armours, in real inn. Song is very well accepted in Europe now, we can judge it by downloads from Internet, polls. I think the video is real of European level, small film.
- What place you're looking for at ESC?
- I think from 3rd to 5th. I don't say we will be 3rd, as there are a lot of non musical influences for debuting country, but judging on the level of the song and video - this is in top 5!
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Through the thorns to the stars?
"Soviet Belarus", March 16, 2004

Svetlana Bartoshevich, Marina Kunyavskaya
Yesterday morning approximately at 7.30 famous performers Aleksandra and Konstantin got into car crush. They were moving from Borisov to Minsk and on the road between Sloboda and Novosady their Zhiguly collided with some Ford. Furtunately performers were not seriously injured. Alexandra hurt her knee and Konstantin broke his rib. They received medical help but were not hospitalized.
It is quite sure that crush happened because of Ford's failure to run on slippery road, and above required speed, we were told at local autoinspection.

Every car crush is shock, worries, but Aleksandra and Konstantin are already wanting to continue their schedule of video shooting, told to us producer of BTRC Sergey Kuhto.
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Aleksandra and Konstantin : main thing was luck
Liliya Kamlyuk
Znamya Yunosti
- Tell honestly - were you sure that you would win?

- We were sure 100% that our song fits Eurovision format. Basicly two days after recording ot the concert were the most difficult, we should have wait one more week for results. But then we had no time to worry: our mass-media attacked and supported us, we had 2-3 live appearances a day. So at the voting we were very calm. But now we do understand that it is big responcibility, so we had to take second step - to give good performance in Turkey.
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Eurovision: lets sing duet
Tatiana Ahremchik
"Narodnaya gazeta"
Song was written 2 years ago and was waiting for it's time to appear at public. We knew from the beginning that it is best song for Eurovision. That time Belarus has no right to participate in contest, and only now we redesigned it in accordance with all requirements: English language and elements of national colour, using of folk instruments and guttural singing. Full text (Russian)
Who was selected to Eurovision?
Sergei Malinovsky
"KP in Belarus" 04.02.04
If we will believe to Beltelecom data leader received 7 time more votes than any other participant! This is really unbelievable. What had happened then? We can suggest the following. In all regions of Minsk and big cities there are automatic digital stations. It is ruled by computer, special program. And people who are specialists in telephone systems say that it is possible to "alter" the program, to make that all calls received will be counted for same number. So to make one participant winner of the contest one can just interfere in work of just one digital telephone station of the city. Full text (Russian)
Even governor of Gomel oblast couldn't cast his vote for Sapatkov
Sergei Malinovsky
"KP in Belarus" 04.02.04
Yuri Podolski, father of Natalia Podolskaya:

-I need 3-4 more days to study legislation for this very case as a lawyer. Information about our voting has already being spread in Europe. Let's wait official reaction of BTRC, let them think it over for few more days.

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Were happy while voting, but got sad while counting...
Sergei Malinovsky
"KP in Belarus" 03.02.04
Aleksandra Kirsanova:

- We learned that in internet there are alternative voting results only on Monday. I stay calm about it. For Belarus participation in Eurovision is very big event - so it can be just "black" PR. We are artists and it's not our task to investigate the situation.

I know for sure that i would have accepted victory of any participant. Being honest I was not sure that we will win and even had different plans for the future. But as it happened we thank all the voters who supported us. One thing we were not looking for is to get 14 enemies in face of other contestants.

Full text (Russian)
Victoria Popova
"Soviet Belarussia" 03.02.04
General producer of BTRC Vladimir Maximkov gave the only comment to conflict with voting result:

- Why Beltelecom needs it? Who knows? I thought it is serious organization. But they weren't our partners in voting. 
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Composer of Celine Dion writes songs for Natalia Podolskaya
Sergei Malinovsky
"KP in Belarus" 24.01.04
- Michael Jay was so charmed by talent of Natalia so he asked her to perform his songs - says producer of Natalia Podolskaya Igor Kaminski. - This surely was the suggestion we couldn't reject. His songs are performed by Celine Dion, Kaily Minogue, he received Grammy for Falling in love album as best composer. We're cooperating with him for a year. From Russian singers he knows just 4- Alla Pugacheva, Ariana, TATU, and Natalia Podolskaya. And he counts Natalia the best of all. He send to us 25 songs. One of them will appear at National Preselection for ESC. He never asked for money. He just wanted to work with Natalia. Full text (Russian)
The most expencive song belongs to Soloduha
Sergei Malinovsky
"KP in Belarus" 23.01.04
None of the participants paid such a sum. Most of it went to the authors. We have the most experienced arranger - Ilya Aleinikov and "Kamerata" band as back-vocals. Full text (Russian)
Yurja band disqualified from Eurovision
Sergei Malinovski
"KP in Belarus" 23.01.04
Here are comments by leader of the Yurja band Yuri Vydronok.

- Contract was send by regular mail. My father received it on 17th of January and passed to me on 18th. So I had no chance to sign it in time. Though we're not very disappointed, we still will participate in April in festival World Music in Istanbul. 

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Tatiana Yakusheva: "Our music should have it's own appearance"
"Argumenti i facti v Belorussii"
- While commenting Eurovision 2003 I noticed that the most successful are performers who in addition to European standart (in quality of the sound, arrangement) also have their own different appearance with national colour. This is whole European tendency. Remember performance of Sertab Erener, or belgian duo Urban Trad. Their songs had specific colour which can not be described by words. Belarus music also should have it's own different appearance. This is concerning music, lyrics and performance. Style is very important for all musiciants. Why will anyone listen to copied style when he has a chance to listen to original? I wish Belarus performers will find their special style based on national traditions which should be recognized abroad. Full text (Russian)
Eurosong from Belarus
October, 5 2003 .
"Arguments and facts in Belorussia"
Some music critics are afraid to let televoters decide selection of winning song. They are speaking about Russian experience, the best examples of CIS pop music didn't attract European audience. Another interesting moment is that according to rule participant should be older than 16, but no top limit is given.
There are different fantastic suggestions about candidates to the contest: from Alexandr Soloduha and Oksana Kovalevskaya to Alena Sviridova. But most popular singers can ignore the contest because rules claim that winner of preselection should make a contract with Belteleradiocompany to transfer exclusive rights for future compositions created by the participant in next 3 years.
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Big show to the Big star

October, 31 2003
"Vecherniy Minsk"
Alla Kazakova

Works of 15 best singers will be presented at final show-concert, which will be broadcasted by BT-1 and radio "Radius-FM" in January. Special jury of famous composers, musiciants, stars of Belarus music, will select 2 winners. The final decision will be made by viewers themselves. Their opinion will be decisive in the question who will represent Belarus at Eurovision 2004.
- One of two finalist will go to Eurovision as dubbing singer, - told at press-conference general producer of First National Channel Vladimir Maksimkov. - But before this our national pride, and we are looking for the success, with other candidates for title of Eurostar, will attend series of master classes, which will be conducted by masters of Belarus, Russian and foreign music.
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European vision of Belarus show-biz

October 30 2003
"Vecherniy Minsk"
Tatiana Akhremchik

"Not regarding final result of our contestan, participation itself is great event for us, breakthrough, - thinks general producer of First National Channel Vladimir Maksimkov. - "Eurovision" will give an opportunity to lead our show-stars to international level".
Active part in coverage of all stages of the contest will also be done by FM radio.
"Eurovision", and it's Belarus preselection is one of the most democratic contests. Participant can be every citizen of Belarus, who is older that 16, and has great pop-song with some national colour in two variants: Belarus/Russian and English, not longer than 3 minutes, not released commercially before Oct, 1 2003. And of course copyrights for this composition. Famous well-known stars and young singers have same rights and chances.
- Our task is to make from every singer selected by our audience Eurostar, - told Vladimir Maksimkov.
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Belarus will have it's own participant at the Eurovision

Musica TuT
Sergey Malinovskiy

Question why our country is not taking part in Eurovision I was already asking two years ago. Vice minister of culture Vladimir Rypatko even asked me what is this contest. Though problem is not in lack of information but in lack of money. For participation in Eurovision we should pay fee about 5000 dollars.
And now theme of Eurovision came back when minister of culture Leonid Guliako told the president about conditions of local art. And Alexandr Lukashenko replied that they should do their best at events of international level and take part in contests of Eurovision level.
Now already names of candidates are discussed. But final word in the decision still belongs to Alexandr Lukashenko.
One of the variants which is now discussed in Ministry of Culture is duet from Borisovo Aleksandra and Konstantin. They appeared in Minsk 3 years ago. First they started performing jazz and famous European hits, but then started performing own songs. Result was the album where they managed to unite all different things - Belarus folk and American music. Though there is no doubt that there will appear some other candidates promoted by this or that powerful figuers and fight will be fierce.
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